Handy Lawn Hacks

Every neighborhood has that one house that has a great lawn. The lawn is the envy of the town. Now there are some easy lawn hacks that every homeowner can follow to make their lawn look great and stay on top of any issues with their landscaping.

Fix up the Old Lawn Rather than Replacing it, there can be some dead spots on the lawn or there may be yellow areas from pets. It is easier and cheaper to fix up the existing lawn then to replace it and start over from the seeds. To fill in bare sports there are lawn repair types that can be used on the lawn. These products contain seeds, lawn food, and materials to help them grow. They also contain a special product that will help keep the seeds in place and stop them from washing away. If there is an area of the grass that is thin it is easy to take care of this problem as well. Some products can be applied to the grass to thicken it and to fill in gaps. The lawn care products can allow the roots to grow stronger. It will also help fertilize the grass so it will grow in thicker.

Mowing the lawn can be a big pain. it seems a lot of time is spent cutting the grass. There are some tricks to spend less time mowing the lawn. If there a tree in the yard or mulch beds start mowing around them. This will cut down on the number of turns the lawnmower will need to make. Some efficient patterns will help with mowing the rest of the lawn. A spiral pattern can be used. This is when the mower will start at the perimeter of the lawn and then circle into the center. The back and forth pattern will create stripes and this can be done for the longer portions of the yard. It is best to alternate between these two patterns to do less damage to the lawn.

Mow Higher
It is best to set the mower to two or three inches. While the lawn will not have a very close cut it is better for the lawn. Longer grass help protect the seeds so they will be able to grow. A person needs to research their grass type so they will know the best height for it. These are some tips to have a great looking yard. The lawn care is very important and following these tips can allow a person to have a great looking lawn.

Other Options

Now days, they make artificial turf that looks really natural! If all of this maintenance is not appealing or too time consuming for you, you could always reach out to your nearest So Cal Turf company and get a quote.