The Benefits Of Artificial Turf Vs Real Grass And Vice Versa

In some areas of the country, it’s not really easy to grow live grass. Think about the southwest where artificial turf is quite common, along with creative yet very decorative landscaping schemes. There are certainly advantages to both artificial turf and real authentic grass. Let’s examine what those benefits are for each, and then you can make a decision about what to use for your lawn.

One of the advantages to real grass is that artificial turf requires a substantial up-front investment. However, that investment gives you artificial turf that lasts without all the extra maintenance and care. To be clear, there is maintenance required for artificial grass, but it is minimal.

With real grass, you might not have to invest so much right at first, but you will have to spend quite a lot of money when it comes to upkeep. One of the other advantages of artificial grass is that homeowners don’t have to use all that water. It’s not just about your water bill. Too much water use by everyone has a bad impact on the environment. We need water, but using a lot to water lawns is where the restrictions often come into play.

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You might even live in a city where restrictions are often imposed. If that’s the case, then your location might be ideal for artificial turf. One other advantage to artificial grass is that it always looks green and luscious. A regular lawn isn’t always going to look like that unless you put a lot of time and money into your landscaping efforts.

Regular lawns can have bare spots, and the grass might not always be as green as you would like, especially during certain seasons. With artificial turf, the grass is always green. And you don’t have to mow it either. The grass never grows, and it always stays the ideal height. If you don’t like mowing the lawn, artificial grass is the way you can avoid having to do it for sure.

You also don’t have to feed artificial grass, which is another advantage. Some people don’t feed their lawns, but that often makes for a less green and luscious landscape. Then there are the weeds. With artificial turf, you don’t have to worry about the weeds. Wouldn’t that be great?

In some areas, there are certain persistent weeds that traditional product don’t eliminate. In other words, you could use a weed killer on your lawn and find out that certain types of weeds still persist. With artificial grass, there are no weeds, so that helps you out for sure.

Artificial grass has its advantages in terms of aesthetics for sure. It always looks so nice, but you do have to know how it is maintained. When you are choosing artificial turf, you have different types of choices. There are different colors of synthetic grass, and you can also choose the length and texture. Look at the varieties available to see what would work best for your lawn.

If you’re not convinced that you should be looking at getting artificial grass, you might want to browse some pictures. When you see images of this artificial grass, you’re going to realize even more just how nice it looks. That is going to make you want to order your artificial grass, but of course you’re going to need to look at the cost, too.

You might want to talk to a few different companies about options and costs. However, much of what has been discussed is about the advantages of artificial turf. You might have been ready to place your order, but what about the disadvantages? Any disadvantages to artificial grass are essentially benefits to going with real grass.

It was mentioned that there are environmental drawbacks to regular grass. Yet there are also environmental concerns to artificial grass. You want to keep that in mind as you make a decision about which option you want to go with.

Do you know how long artificial grass is supposed to last? In general, it can last up to 25 years, but you will want to look into the warranty that you are offered. You will also want to know exactly how to care for the artificial turf that makes up your lawn. While it is easier to care for than real grass, you certainly do need to handle the maintenance properly.

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Right now, it’s time to pick out the artificial turf you want for your lawn. When you pick out what you want, get a quote from some companies regarding installation. How much is it really going to cost you to have this artificial turf installed? Remember that the savings is involved, too. You can’t forget about the money you save when you are going to install recycled/used artificial turf instead of maintaining real grass, if that’s what you want to do. A great place to buy some artificial turf would be Artificial Grass Recyclers, they get the pick of the litter on field turf